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My Favorite Everyday Lipstick Is This Weird Color

My beauty confession: I love using TOPSHOP Lipstick ($12) in Straight Ace, a vibrant purple hue, as my everyday lip color. I know, I know — it makes no sense to turn to a bright purple shade as my day-to-day choice regardless of what I'm wearing or where I'm going. Let me explain.

While this color looks slightly shocking in the tube, it glides onto the lips as a toned-down purple that's super flattering. It doesn't scream purple, but it does have a unique color that seriously works with everything. While I love how this lipstick looks right when you put it on, I like it even more after I blot it a bit and it fades. It leaves behind the perfect rosy pink-ish wash of color on your lips that will last all day: through eating, drinking and gabbing up a storm. Give this stuff a chance and a try, y'all — trust me.


What It Is: This purple-to-pink lipstick is super moisturizing and smells slightly sweet (in a good way). It's not drying like liquid lipsticks are, but it's also not a matte finish. It has a slight sheen, which makes the product easy to blot.

Where You Can Find It: You can buy this lipstick online at TOPSHOP.

Who Should Use It: Give this lipstick a try if you want to change up your everyday look! This color isn't scary — I promise — but it's definitely a far cry from your run-of-the-mill nude or rosy pink. It's fun to wear for a night on the town or even a day at the office (I do it all the time). It's also a dream to layer with other colors, because it provides a versatile base.

Why This Is My Beauty Confession: This is my beauty confession because when I first put on this lipstick, it was not what I expected. Its purple hue initially made me think it'd be strictly an after-hours lipstick, but after blotting it, I realized it was the best everyday color I've used in a long time. It's super wearable, very hydrating and feels good on your lips, and the packaging is adorable. Can't recommend this stuff enough!

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