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Celebrity Makeup Artist, Neil Scibelli Points Out 6 Makeup Mistakes

Of course we all are guilty of making makeup mistakes and its time we put an end to it. In this video, hear what the celebrity makeup artist, Neil Scibelli has to say. He talks about what beauty mistakes to avoid and what you should be doing considering the fact that makeup-done-bad can make you look too old.

Neil shares all his makeup secrets to help you look more youthful than ever. For the eyes, he suggests that the kajal be worn not on the waterline but right under the eye lashes, instead.

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You can also see the comparisons to understand why we must avoid what we must avoid. Now you can see what's right and what's wrong from the 2 images.

Watch where you must apply the blush, what type of highlighters you should use, the foundation and more.

Enjoy watching this video and learn some tricks from the Celebrity Makeup Artist, Neil Scibelli . Let's not make these makeup mistakes again.