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Best Color Combos For Your Holiday Look

Still wondering what to wear for a Christmas party? Well, there's no need to dress up this year in same Christmas-y colors as last year. Red, white, black. There are many more color combinations to try.

1. Rose Gold

This trendy metallic is the new gold quite literally. Opt for it in accessories, makeup, or even a dress. Rose gold looks best on its own but if you really need to accessorize go for greyish blue, graphite grey, marsala, or turquoise.

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2. Silver & Red

Make that dark red. Make that bordeaux. Silver is another great metallic to wear for holidays but when paired with jewel tone red it looks simply amazing.

3. White & Silver

It also looks great with pristine white. It is a perfect combination for those who don't want to look bridal but still love the white based color scheme.

Green still combines best with gold. The white and red combination is a classic. And black looks best on its own.