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Eyeliner Hacks to Get it Perfect Every Time

Eyeliner can singlehandedly be one of the most satisfying yet frustrating makeup accents you just can't live without. After all, what good is perfectly blended shadow without that necessary anchor to pull it all together? If you are tired of dealing with smudges and uneven lines, it might be time to review some lifesaving eyeliner application hacks. You might be surprised at how much easier these can make your morning beauty routine.

Fix Smudges With Primer

Okay, let's face it: eyeliner smudges happen to the best of us—especially when liquid eyeliner is being used. However, a simple smudge in your eyeliner doesn't mean you have to wipe it all off and start over. Instead, try applying a small amount of primer to a q-tip and blending it over the smudge to conceal it in a manner of seconds.

Apply Translucent Powder

Another common problem women run into when it comes to eyeliner is that of it smudging or wearing off throughout the day. This is an especially common problem on hot, humid, or rainy days (although using a waterproof eyeliner can help). A good way to keep eyeliner from wearing off throughout the day, however, is to simply apply a layer of translucent powder over your eyeliner after you're done with your makeup. The powder will help to protect your eye makeup from premature wear.

Choose the Right Eyeliner Type

Finally, always make sure you're selecting the right eyeliner type to meet your needs. For example, if you're going for a very precise cat's eye look, then you're simply not going to be able to achieve that with a traditional eyeliner pencil. Instead, you'll need eyeliner that glides on smoothly, such as a liquid eyeliner. On the other hand, if you're simply looking to apply a small amount of liner above or below the eye, then a pencil might do the trick.

Applying eyeliner correctly does take some time and practice, but by following these simple hacks, you can enjoy better makeup application and boost your confidence in the process.