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9 Hot Summer Nail Art Ideas

Hey there nail art lovers! We are here with new ideas for your next summer manicure. Summer is on its way here, and together with it come the endless number of colors and designs. Everything is acceptable during this season, so there is no need to wonder whether one color matches with another. They will all blend together, thus creating some fun and interesting designs. If you lack inspiration, you are at the right place. Ladies, take a look at the Hot Summer Nail Art Ideas that I have found just for you. Scroll down the photos and find your favorites. You can easily recreate the looks on your own, cause they are so simple, and you wouldn’t have to go to the professional nail artist and pay tons of money. Get your nail polished and get down to work. Your mani are going to be in the center of attention wherever you go, and they will be the first thing that people will notice.

Make your nails scream SUMMER. Make sure you implement the summer motifs such as the sun set, the ocean, the palm trees and the water turtles, the anchor, the many types of flowers and of course the animal print, but this time in bright colors. The summer with its pool parties, festivals and vacations and is always a good excuse to grab the countless bright polishes and experiment them. Use your imagination and get creative. I’m sure that the results will be outstanding!






The glitter nail polish perfectly accompanies the summer bright colors! See how you can incorporate them in the designs!


The floral print is something without which you can’t go this summer! There are so many different variations of them, so do them according to your taste!




So, ladies, what do you think about the ideas? Will you be trying some of them real soon? I can’t wait to do several of them, cause it’s impossible to choose only one. Make your nails sparkle, and show that you care about your looks. Go ahead and make a statement with your nails this summer! Punchy neons, creamy pastels, and classic nudes have been big manicure hits on and off the runway, and are an easy way to give your outfit a touch of elegance, or a bold statement. It’s time to start painting!